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  BenMab Technological Services

the best place for your power backup, safety and electrical engineering solutions!

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Our Services:

Fire Protection Systems  

Design and Installation.

Inverter Power Backup Installation and Repairs.

General Electrical Installations.

After sales Servicing and Maintenance Support.

Contact Information

BenMab Technological Services

Supply and Installation: +234 7032459974,
Maintenance Services: +234 7080463786

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Address: 34, OgunbowaleStreet, 

                 Ilasamaja, Lagos.

Electrical Maintenance:

General Electrical Installation in Homes, Offices, Industries; Earthing and Grounding Installations and Maintenance, Thunder Protectors and Lightning Arresters, etc  with a good packaged corrective and preventive maintenance programmes.

After Sales:

We offer efficient and rapid after sales support to all our customers.

For Batteries Maintenance and Replacement, Inverter Servicing, Repairs and Components Replacement, Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance,  please give us a call today and we shall be with you in few hours.