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Power Saving Systems

For a greener PLanet

Our High Capacity Inverter Systems comprises of a  complete power generation systems that are suitable for all types of commercial establishments and are capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners to Lifts and Elevators, in the most cost effective manner.

We install  Inverters that supplies pure sine wave power and is 100% safe to run most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment without the irritating humming sound. They have also  been established as most reliable option to generators in many residential homes.

Our  Specially Rugged Home Inverter Systems are indeed a futuristic concept. This two-in-one products (Inverter + UPS) completely eliminate the need to have a separate power back-up system for your home as well as your computer.

Traditionally, there are two separate power back-up systems i.e. UPS Systems for computers and Inverters for other household appliances. With the increasing number of households having a computers, it became an absolute necessity to have a single product providing power back-up to Computers as well as other household appliances.

This  Home Inverter can provide power back-up to computers as well as home appliances during a power cut. This can result in:

  • • Cost savings as only one system (Inverter) is bought in lieu of two systems (Inverter and UPS)
  • • Space saving
  • • Longer backup for computers as compared to UPS
  • • Appliance Friendly: The life of the appliances like TV and Fridge is increased as there is No Time Gap (Start up delay) between power cut and resumption of back-up power
  • • Uninterrupted watching of TV & DVD, Satellite, Set Top Box etc.
  • and a lot more

Based on world’s most advanced sine wave technology, our inverter systems provides 100% pure sine wave power which runs all appliances without the irritating- humming sound.

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